Green Power Solutions




Energoflow AG is dedicated to spread the idea of creating a better environment by using ecologically clean Green Power Solutions.

All our devices can be supplied with " Green Power Solutions" - solar energy based autonomous power supply units capable of providing the full functinality of the equipment. Our engineers can also provide for such solutions for equipment supplied by other manufacturers.

Typically, such a solution would comprise of three major parts:
  1. A solar panel of the required size for converting solar energy into the requiered amount of electrical power
  2. An accumulator battery for storing the generated power
  3. An intelligent controller for smooth operation of the whole system - for regulating the power output and for monitoring the status of the solar panel, the accumulator battery as well as the ambient conditions. The controller can be equipped with a LCD screen for displaying the data. It is also possible to connect to a SCADA system via GPS/GPRS or other networks for remote monitoring of the unit.

In order to design such a solution, the following data would generally be required:
  • a detailed specification of the technical characteristics of the equipment to be deployed and powered;
  • meteorological data on the site of installation;
  • facilities for mounting the solar panel
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