Liquid Flowmeter LF 131H for high pressure applications

Liquid flow meter Energoflow LF 131H for high pressure applications



For applications where the medium pressure is very high, eg. measuring the flow of stratal water, we have developed the model LF-131H. The device can be used for bidirectional measurement of flow of mediums at pressure as high as 40 Mpa. 

These Liquid Flow Meter LF-131H are available in two versions - with an integrally mounted or with a standard remotely installed Electronics unit.

Electronics unit having a built-in battery which provides full autonomous functionality for more than four years, 

The LF-131H Liquid Flow Meter are widely used in the downstream applications in the Oil & Gas industry, eg. at extraction wells since they are rugged and can handle aggressive liquids at such high pressure. They are also used for applications like cementing of wells and measurement of flow of chemicals injected into wells at high pressure.


Parameter Nominal
inner diameter of the pipeline, DN, mm
50 80 100
Liquid temperature,ºC 0...150 ºC
Gauge pressure,MPa 16MPa, 25MPa
Maximum flow Q max, m 3 / h 71 180 285
Transitional flow Qt, m 3 / h 4.2 6.8 8.5
Minimum flow Qmin, m 3 / h 0.7 1.8 2.8
Threshold flow Q, m 3 / h 0.15 0.35 0.35
Relative error of measurement of flow and volume,%
Qt … Qmax ± 1 %
Qmin … Qt ± 4 %
Qthreshold … Qmin calculation is conducted with non standardized accuracy
For the flows less Qthreshold volume is not accumulated
(Flow,is taken as equal to zero)
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