Calibration and proving rigs for gas flowmeters

Calibration and proving rigs for gas meters



We at Energoflow AG have designed and developed compact and effective Calibration and Proving Rigs for calibration of Gas Flow Meters. 


Parameter Proving
Rigs for Gases
(m 3 /h)
600, 1200, 2500, 10000
DN of calibrated flow meters DN
(40, 50, 80, 100, 150, 200,250, 300, 400)
Type of calibrated flow meters Ultrasonic,Turbine,
Rotary, Vortex
Relative Accuracy ±0,15%;
Measurement,method Comparison
with standard flowmeter
Operating environment air
/ natural gas
Quantity of reference flowmeters 2,3,4,5
Accuracy of temperature measurement ± 0,06%
Accuracy of pressure measurement ± 0,075%

Accuracy up to 1% using air or natural gas in the range of 1...50 Bar pressure as the medium. The Rig can be used for testing, calibration and verification of flow meters with nominal diameter from 50 mm up to 200 mm with Natural Gas as medium (up-to 400 mm on air) and flow capacity in the range of G40 up to G1600 (G4000 on air). 

Our design is compact, modular and corresponds to the latest innovations in the sector. 

The principle of the functioning of the rig is as follows:
By switching on one or more fans a flow of the medium is generated in the piping of the rig. The flow-rate and pressure of the medium is regulated by controlling the pump, the fan and a diaphragm valve. The flow thus generated is measured by the reference flow meter as well as the flow meter being verified or calibrated. Reference pressure and temperature transmitters are used for determining the working conditions. The accumulated pulse quantity over a number of cycles is recorded and the total measured volume at standard temperature and pressure is calculated for both the flow meters. 

The comparison of the results gives a reliable measurement of the accuracy of the meter under verification. Different reference flow meters are used for different ranges of measurement which also improves the accuracy and reliability of the results.
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