Selection guide for liquid flowmeters

Flow meters selection guide for liquid


Liquid flow meter selection guide Energoflow LF

No. of measurement channels
              x – number of channels of measurement
                               0 - Flanged section with EATs
                               1 – Clamp-on stationary EATs
                               2 – hot-tapped installation of EATs in pipeline wall
                               3 – Customer specific applications
                               P – portable version
                                               x – number of EAT pairs

              A – standard applications
              H – High pressure applications
              O – Customer specific applications

Ambient temperature
              L - Low temperature version (-60 …. +40 deg C)
              S - Standard version (-30 …. +40 deg C)
              H - High temperature version (-30 …. +70 deg C)

Installation data
              DNxxxx – Pipe nominal diameter, mm

Accuracy of measurement
              N – normal (1,5 % for Qt to Qmax, 3% for Qmin to Qt)
              S – Standard (1 % for Qt to Qmax, 2% for Qmin to Qt)
              C – high accuracy measurements up-to 0.5%
              O – Customer specific upto 0.25%

Process connection
              N – no flanges, hot-tapped sensors
              D – Flanges DIN
                               xxx – PN, bar
              A – Flanges ANSI
                               xxxx – class
              C – clamp-on sensors
              O – Customer specific

Electronics block
              I – integrally mounted electronics block with display
              R – Remote mounted electronics block
              W – Electronic junction box without local display

Hazardous area certification
              I – Exi certification (ATEX)
              W – without certification (for non hazardous applications)

Power supply
              A – 220 VAC power supply system with intrinsic barriers and 
                       communication interface
              D – 24 VDC power supply system with intrinsic barriers and 
                     communication interface
    O – Customer specific
              W – without power supply, customer to provide required power input
              B – Power supply from on board battery (battery to be replaced every 3 years)

Accessories (optional)
              F – Meeting flanges with nuts and studs to be supplied with flow meter
              R – straight pipe-runs to be supplied with flow meter
              C – Flow conditioner to be supplied with flow meter
              N - no additional accessories

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