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Skid Design and Fabrication

Keeping in line with our principle of 3 E's – Experience, Expertise & Efficiency, Energoflow AG provides its customer's with individually designed, prefabricated and pretested instrumentation skids for various applications.

A typical skid supply project comprises of the following stages:
  • Design -Our team of engineers provides complete skid design services starting from a conceptual study of the technical assignment and through finished drawings ready for fabrication. The design process includes detailed analysis of electrical, instrumentation, programming and fabrication aspects. In close interaction with the client, we devise optimal solutions for the client's requirements.
  • Fabrication – At our facilities, our technicians and engineers provide fabrication of skids from a wide range of materials and instruments as per our own design or as per drawings provided by the client. The strict quality control procedures and use of latest technologies guarantees the best results.
  • Calibration and Controls – Before shipping, our engineers make sure that all the instruments included in the skid are correctly calibrated and properly wired and the control systems are adequately programmed. The client gets a “Plug and Play” module which provides full functionality and best performance.
  • Testing - All skid systems are vigorously tested at our facilities to ensure proper operation in the field and conformance to the highest international quality standards.
  • Commissioning – Our team of technicians will assist you with the commissioning of the supplied module at your facility until you are completely satisfied with the skid's operation. We can also provide extensive training of customer's personnel.
Design, Installation and commissioning of flow metering and monitoring systems

Design, Installation and commissioning of flow metering and monitoring systems

Energoflow AG can provide services for turnkey installation of flow metering and flow monitoring systems for various applications. Taking into account the wide range of flow metering solutions developed by us, we can offer the client systems incorporating the latest developments in technologies and data transfer for virtually all types of fluids and process conditions; be it communal water supply systems, leak detection systems for pipelines, custody transfer solutions for hydrocarbons – you name it and we will do it.

Beginning from design, our team works in close collaboration with the client to develop a tailor made solution exactly as per the client's requirements and executes the whole project to the client's utmost satisfaction. We can also provide economically optimized solutions for modernization, development and extension of already existing systems.
Hot-tapping installation for pipelines

Hot-tapping installation and commissioning of ultrsonic flow meters for pipelines upto 6000 mm diameter

Energoflow AG offers its services for design, installation and commissioning of flow metering units for liquids and gases  in-site on existing pressurized pipelines with diameters as large as 6000 m. The method involves the use of specific techniques and instruments and does not require stopping the fluid flow.

The method is especially effective for large diameter pipelines and in cases where flow metering is required in an existing pipeline while stopping the flow or draining the pipe is not feasible.

The method takes into account the actual geometry of the pipeline at the installation site, process conditions and other local factors, thus providing highly accurate and reliable results.

Energoflow AG can provide the optimal solution to all your flow metering requirements – the wide range of our products covers all the feasible fluid and gas flow situations. And if you have an unusual, out of the way case – just contact us with the details! We love challenges and our team of Engineers will be just too happy to provide the exact flow meter corresponding to your requirements.

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