Ultrasonic Liquid Flowmeters

Ultrasonic metering solution is Energoflow LF flow meters



The Energoflow AG LF series of Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Meters is designed to perfection for reliable and accurate measurement of liquid flow in filled pipelines using the pulse-time method. These flow meters can be used for flow monitoring and measurement of potable, technical or river water, oil and petroleum products, heat-transfer agent, solutions of alkalis and acids, warmed fuel oil, heavy oil, stable gas condensate and liquefied petroleum gas, effluents, etc. at pressures up-to 250 bar. A special version capable of working at fluid pressures up-to 400 bar is available for applications like measurement of stratal water from oil wells. 

The  Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Meters of the series are manufactured in various versions for application over a vast range of process conditions :
  • for pipelines from DN25 up-to DN7000
  • for flow speeds as low as 0.1 m/s and as high as 10 m/s
  • for ambient temperatures as low as -65 deg C and as high as +70 deg C and at 100% humidity
  • for liquid temperatures in the range of -20 deg up-to 150 deg C
  • in hazardous areas and hard to access locations
  • for clamp-on installation, the process pressure is not a consideration, inline versions are available for liquid pressures as high as 400 bar
  • for fluids with a considerable amount of suspended solid particles and bubbles (up-to 5% by volume)

The major advantages of the Energoflow AG LF series Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Meters are:
  1. No obstruction to the flow and zero pressure loss
  2. No moving parts and no mechanical wear or tear
  3. Easy installation and simplicity of use
  4. Easy integration into all kinds of process management systems
  5. High accuracy, large turn-down ratio, reliable measurement and fast reaction to changes in process conditions
Energoflow AG LF series Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Meters are supplied pre-calibrated on water; under order, pre-calibration can be performed on specific fluids.
The flow meters of the series are manufactured in various versions – in-line sections, inserted sensors installation and clamp-on type.

Energoflow AG LF with clamp-on sensors, inserted sensors and in-line sections are designed for use in field conditions for monitoring and measurement of flow of liquids eg. portable, technical or river water, heat-transfer agent, solutions of alkalis and acids, oil and petroleum products, heated fuel oil, tar, energy oil, coke-chemical raw material, stable gas condensate and liquefied gas, effluents, and also liquid ammonia, saltpeter, etc.

Ultrasonic Flow Meters are designed for single channel and two-channels( four channels under special order). Each channel can be used independently to account for liquid in different pipelines.

With each channel of Ultrasonic Flow Meter two sensors are used. Sensors are placed in a straight part of pipeline, which is protected from precipitations. 

Clamp-on sensors (they are mounted on the surface of the pipe), inserted sensors (which are inserted into apertures, made in the pipe wall) can be used for larger pipe diameters (up-to pipe DN 4 m, larger sizes under special order).


Parameter Clamp-on sensors Inserted sensors
Inner diameter of the pipeline, mm 70…3200 25…4000
Accuracy of flow measurement, % ± 1,0; ± 1,5 ±0,5; ± 1
Range of flow velocity measurement, m/s 0,1 -10 0,1 -10
Range of operating temperatures for the sensors, °C - 20...120(250) - 20...150(250)
Range of operating temperatures for the electronic unit,°C - 20...60(75) - 20...60(75)
Range of operating temperatures for PSU,°C 5... 40(75) 5... 40(75)
Supply voltage, V »220;10±24 »220;10±24
Required power is not more, W 10 10
Power supply and connection unit (PSU) is equipped with the interface RS-232/RS-485 for connection with computer. Flow meter forms pulse-frequency signal and signal of direct current 0...5 or 4... 20 mA, proportional to volumetric flow rate.
In-line sections are intended for medium gauge pressure upto 1,6 MPa, with liquid temperature from 0... 150 °C, for inner pipeline diameter (DN) from 200…1600 mm and can be installed in places, exposed to climatic influences (damp basements, wells).

Limits of permissible main relative error for flow measurement and fluid volume is: ( from Q1 to Q2 )- ±0,25% / ( from Q2 to Q3) - ±0,15%)

The relative measurement error of charge and volume lays in limits:
from Q1 up to Q2 - 4 %, from Q2 up to Q3 - 1 %.

At volumetric measurements from threshold flow QThreshold up to Q1 are not normed. At flowrates less than QThreshold volume is not calculated (the flowrate is taken to be zero).
  • Simplicity and reliability in the operation;
  • Wide range of the measurements of volumetric flow rate (1:150);
  • The created archives contained hourly data for past 1024 hours (more than 42 days);
  • Adjustment of flow meter in the complete set with in-line section is carried out on manufacturer;
  • There is no contraction inside the in-line section; therefore flow meter does not create the resistance to the flow of liquid and does not introduce disturbances into the flow;
  • Automatic adjusting of the signal level;
  • Flow meter is equipped with pulse-frequency output, analog output (on order), and interface RS-232;
  • Flow meter with the autonomous power supply works up to 4 years without the replacement of battery;
  • Flow meter can be easily integrated into automated SCADA systems and existing control systems;
  • Interval between verification - 2 years.
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