Device for hot-tapping installation

Device for Hot-Tapping installation of ultrasonic sensor

Device for Hot-Tapping Installation of Ultrasonic Sensor in Pipelines HSID-01


To create metering stations on large diameter pipelines as well as for on-the-site monitoring (eg. during repairs) of flow rate in pipelines in field using standard flowmeters, the specialists of Energoflow AG have developed the technology (methodology, tools and gadgets) for installation of insertion-type electroacoustic transducers (EAT) into pipeline walls, which can then be connected to the standard electronics block of the corresponding Energoflow GF or LF series flowmeters, thus creating a fullfledged flowmeter in-situ without stopping the technological process.

Energoflow HSID-01 is used for high-precision spacing of input/output points of acoustic channels on the surface of the pipeline, for drilling work without depressurization of the pipeline and for hermetic installation and removal of EATs.

The device can be used for installation of sensors in round pipelines as well as those with an expressed ellipticity without stopping the flow or emptying the pipeline.
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