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Ultrasonic pig detector ulis-a



Energoflow ULIS-A is a non-intrusive ultrasonic pig passage indicator designed for reliable detection of all kinds of pigs used for pigging of filled liquid pipelines. It also provides indication and an estimate of accumulated debris in front of the pig and an estimate of the effectiveness of the pigging procedure. The device is certified as intrinsically safe for use in hazardous areas.

The pig detector comprises of an ultrasonic non-intrusive sensor clamped to the outside of the pipe and a remotely installed electronics unit. The clamp-on design of the sensor allows the device to be used for all pipe sizes. The electronics unit provides visual indication of pig passage as well a dry relay output signal for integration into existing control systems. Besides, the electronics unit provides archiving of up to 120 events of pig detection and automatic reset functions. With the help of specialized software provided, graphical visualization of the approach of the debris plug as well as pig/sphere passage and change in density of the fluid is possible.

The major advantages of the ULIS-A pig detector are:
  • The non-intrusive design provides zero pressure drop and no obstruction to the flow or the pig and allows for all kinds of applications - high pressure, sour service etc. 
  • Any type of pig, sphere etc. can be detected in both directions.
  • There are no mechanical moving parts - so no wear or tear, minimum servicing.
  • The active nature of the ultrasonic device guarantees reliable pig detection eliminating false alarms due to outside interference.
Detectors are certified for use in hazardous area and have EC-Type Examination certificate number FTZU 11 ATEX 0144X. 

Easy installation
  1. Transducers of the detector should be installed on the pipelines for detection of the large-size objects (including pigs, separating balls, gauges, diagnostics devices etc.), propelled by the liquid flow in the pipelines under the pressure, for determination of the moment when the object is crossing the pipeline section under control. A corresponding warning signal is sent to the data collection system or to the Advanced Communications System (ACS).
  2. Detector also provides the detection of the so-called «paraffin plugs» (referred as plugs) in the oil pipelines.
  3. Detector is designed for the pipelines with passage diameter DN from 150 upto 500 mm and from 350 upto 1200 mm, and wall thickness up to 60 mm.
a. Detector consists of a system unit (SU) and an electroacoustic active transducer (EAT), attached to the pipeline surface by a mounting tool. EAT is connecting to the SU by a 4-wire cable. 
b. EAT transmits and receives an ultrasonic signal.
c. ULIS-A SU is intended for installation indoor and outdoor of explosion hazard zones.
Parameters of the indicator Value
Diameter of the pipeline, mm 150 – 1200
Pig device velocity in the pipeline, km/h 1 – 8
Length of the device of clearing, m 1 – 2
Ambient temperature - 40 … +60 °C
Voltage of device 220 V, 50 Hz
Power consumption, Wt, no more 6
1. "Dry contact" "Event" 30V, 200mÀ
2. "Dry contact" "Fuse" 30V, 200mÀ
3. Current output 4 – 20 mÀ
4. Serial interface RS-232/RS485
Distance from the gauge up to the
electronic block, m, no more
Certification Sensor:
II 2G Ex ib IIB T4,

Electronics block :
II (2)G [Ex ib] IIB
EAT is designed in explosion safe enclosure and can be installed indoors and outdoors in explosion hazard zones according to rules, regulating electrical equipment application in the explosion hazard zones.
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